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Campervan Solar Panel Installation

Harness the Power of the Sun with Our Semi-Flexible Solar Panels and Victron Smart Solar MPPT Controller!

Are you ready to embrace clean, sustainable energy and unlock the potential of solar power for your adventures? Look no further than our Semi-Flexible Solar Panels, available in 150W, 165W, and 250W variants, paired with the cutting-edge Victron Smart Solar MPPT Controller – the perfect combination to power your journey with the sun’s energy.

Efficient Solar Power: Our Semi-Flexible Solar Panels are designed to capture the maximum amount of solar energy efficiently. With options ranging from 150W to 250W, you can choose the perfect panel size to meet your energy needs.

Durable and Versatile: Crafted with high-quality materials, our semi-flexible panels are built to withstand the challenges of life on the road. They are lightweight and flexible, making them easy to install on curved or irregular surfaces, and they can endure the elements with ease.

Victron Smart Solar MPPT Controller: Maximise your solar power utilisation with the Victron Smart Solar MPPT Controller. Its advanced Maximum Power Point Tracking technology ensures your batteries are charged optimally, so you have reliable power when you need it.

Efficiency at Its Best: The MPPT controller is known for its industry-leading efficiency, ensuring that you get the most out of your solar panels. It adapts to changing light conditions, delivering consistent performance and extending the life of your batteries.

Solar Freedom: Our Semi-Flexible Solar Panels paired with the Victron Smart Solar MPPT Controller offer you the freedom to harness the sun’s energy wherever your adventures take you. From remote camping to off-grid living, you can enjoy the benefits of sustainable power.

Endless Possibilities: With clean, green energy at your disposal, there’s no limit to the adventures you can undertake. Power your appliances, charge your devices, and enjoy the comforts of home wherever your journey leads.

Ready to power your adventures with the sun’s energy? Contact us today to learn more about our Semi-Flexible Solar Panels and the Victron Smart Solar MPPT Controller. Start your journey toward sustainable, off-grid living with confidence.

Packages 150W Semi Flexible Solar panel with Victron Smart MPPT - £649

165W Semi Flexible Solar panel with Victron Smart MPPT - £749

250W Semi Flexible Solar panel with Victron Smart MPPT - £989