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Skyline Roofs

Elevate Your VW Campervan with Skyline Roofs – Where Style, Choice, and Customisation Unite in Every Journey!

Are you ready to take your VW campervan to new heights of comfort and individuality? Welcome to Skyline Roofs – your gateway to adding extra headroom, breath-taking views, and personalised touches to your campervan. We offer professional supply and fit services with a wide range of canvas colours, scenic canvas upgrades, and colour coding options to match your vehicle’s paint.

Spacious Freedom: Skyline Roofs offer you the gift of space, allowing you to stand tall and move freely inside your campervan. No more crouching or feeling confined – Skyline Roofs open up endless possibilities.

Panoramic Vistas: Our roofs come with stunning panoramic windows that bring the beauty of the outdoors inside. Whether you’re parked by the coast, nestled in the mountains, or under a starry night sky, you’ll enjoy breath-taking views from the comfort of your campervan.

Home Away from Home: Skyline Roofs create a spacious and inviting interior that feels like home. With extra room for relaxation, cooking, and socialising, your campervan becomes a cosy haven for your travels.

Sun-Drenched Adventures: Let the sunshine in! Our roofs flood your interior with natural light, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Embrace the rejuvenating power of natural light during your journeys.

Canvas Customisation: Choose from a stunning palette of 28 canvas colours to match your unique style. Express your personality and make your campervan a reflection of your individuality.

Scenic Canvas Upgrades: Upgrade your canvas to enjoy the beauty of the surroundings even more. Enhance your experience with options like scenic canvas upgrades that immerse you in the outdoors.

Colour Coding Options: We offer colour coding of the pop-top to match your campervans paint, ensuring a seamless and integrated look that complements your vehicle’s aesthetics.

Professional Supply and Fit: Our experienced technicians are dedicated to delivering precision in every installation. We ensure that your Skyline Roof seamlessly integrates with your campervan, both in function and appearance.

Quality and Durability: Skyline Roofs are renowned for their quality and durability. Built with high-grade materials, they are designed to withstand the demands of life on the road, offering you years of reliable use. They also come with a 5 year warranty.

Endless Adventure Beckons: With Skyline Roofs, your campervan becomes an invitation to explore. Stand tall, immerse yourself in the views, and create memories that will last a lifetime in your elevated home on wheels.

Ready to elevate your campervan experience with a customised Skyline Roof? Contact us today to learn more about our professional supply and fit services and discover how you can make your campervan a true reflection of your style and adventures.

SWB Packages starting from £3999
LWB Packages Starting from £4199

Pop Top Roofs

Main benefits to the STORM POp Top Roof

Lightweight, Waterproof and High Quality Canvas

Top Quality Gel Coat Finish on Top Side and Underside – Injection Moulded Manufacturing process

New Aluminium rail for the canvas – Allows the canvas to be easily swapped out should you want to renew or change it

Full UK M1 Testing Certification

5 Year Warranty – Fantastic After Sales Service

Scenic Canvas Opening Upgrade Available

UK Manufactured and Designed

Quick and Easy 2 Berth Sleeping Capacity – Fully Usable in 10 Seconds

Pop Top Roofs

Storm Roofs

Elevate Your Volkswagen Campervan with the Storm Poptop Roof!

Unlock a world of adventure and comfort with the Storm Poptop Roof, tailor-made for Volkswagen Campervans. We understand that every journey is unique, and that’s why we offer a range of customisable options to make your Campervan truly yours.

Color Coding: Seamlessly blend your Poptop Roof with your van’s exterior. Choose from a variety of colour options to match your Campervan’s style, ensuring a perfect, harmonious look.

Canvas Choices: Express your individuality with a spectrum of canvas colours. Whether you prefer classic neutrals or bold, vibrant shades, we have the perfect canvas to suit your taste and mood.

Scenic Canvas Upgrade: Experience the great outdoors like never before. Opt for our scenic canvas to bring the beauty of nature inside your Campervan, letting you wake up to breathtaking views.

Memory Foam Mattress: Enjoy the ultimate in sleep comfort on the road. All our roof packages come with a luxurious memory foam mattress, ensuring you wake up refreshed and ready for your next adventure.

Bed Options: Sleep comfortably on the road and maximise your living space. Our versatile bed options not only provide a restful night’s sleep but also give you extra headroom when elevated, creating a cosy and spacious living area inside your Campervan. Choose from single folding or bi-folding beds for the maximum headroom. Rest easy and wake up refreshed, ready to enjoy your next adventure.

With the Storm Poptop Roof, your Campervan becomes a canvas for your personal style and adventure. Embrace the freedom to choose, customise, and enjoy your travels like never before.

Don’t wait to enhance your Campervan experience. Contact us today to discuss your options, and let us help you create the Campervan of your dreams. Storm Poptop Roof – Where Style Meets Adventure.

SWB Packages starting from £3999
LWB Packages Starting from £4199