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Pop Top Roofs

Skyline Roofs


Skyline are a UK based manufacturer and, in our opinion, they make one of the best pop top roofs out there. The Skyline Volkswagen T4/T5/T6 pop top roof has been developed and manufactured for over 12 years. They use an advance vacuum moulding technique to ensure a superior rigid pop top roof with no external fittings which coupled with the water resistant canvas ensures one of the best pop top roofs on the market. Using only UK sourced products, enabling shorter delivery times. They are leading UK safety standards with Full TUV approval for T5/T6 roofs and an ISO9001 rating.


A pop top roof, also known as a pop-up roof or elevating roof, consists of a section of the roof that can be raised or elevated, These roofs are designed to be raised manually or sometimes with the push of a button using a hydraulic or electric system. When raised, the roof creates extra space, allowing occupants to stand up comfortably inside the vehicle. When lowered, it reduces the overall height of the vehicle, making it more aerodynamic and easier to drive and park.


Our standard pop top package has no hidden costs as you might find with other pop top roof installers. Your pop top will be fitted with everything you need. There are optional upgrades available.

  • Pop Top Lid – gel coat white / black pop top roof
  • Windows – as standard, each pop top come with a clear plastic window at the front and two side windows with open mesh for ventilation.
  • Single Hinged Bed – one hinge and one pair of gas struts. This allows the bed to self elevate with a small push and will elevate to the top of the pop top roof.
  • Mattress – all of our pop top roofs come with a standard 35mm mattress
  • Lights – 6 x LED spotlights or 2 x LED strip lights
  • Swan neck LED spotlight with USB A / USB C
  • Standard canvas of any colour – you can choose from the swatches available.
  • Carpet lining of all metal work installed during the pop top installation process and sliding cover panel.  Matched to your existing colour.


Skyline Aurora Pop Top

Say goodbye to straps! The Skyline Aurora is a streamline, lower profile roof, available in short and long wheel base for the VW T5 & T6.  Benefiting from a latch down locking system, railed canvas application, larger scenic canvas, a lower profile roof Cad designed to the body and both roofs are a one piece design.


Standard skyline pop top - £3999 SWB / £4199 LWB

Skyline Aurora Pop Top - additional £500 SWB / additional £550 LWB



The Skyline Roof is easy to open and close due to the gas strut mechanisms. At handover, we will provide you with a full demonstration of how to operate your new pop top roof as well as maintenance tips to ensure it lasts.

Did you know?  

A pop top can  also be fitted with the following accessories:



We will need your van at our workshop for 2 days. There is a 2-4 week lead time for each roof.



To begin the installation process, we strip out all headlining in the front and rear of the vehicle and remove the bulkhead if present After this, we’ll strip and remove A & B pillars, disconnect and relocate the DAB aerial (in T6.1 only). Next step will be to Mask off entire van inside and outside, measure and mark roof cut out, remove all wiring loom inside the vehicle away from where we’re cutting.

We’ll cut the roof out using a reciprocal saw which will avoid sparks and reduce metal filings. We always hoover and clean as we go. All edges are filed using a power file and all raw metalwork is primed to prevent rust,

Next up, we’ll run any wiring for reverse cameras, lighting, electrical sockets and speakers – all wiring is secured to body using cable ties.

The front and rear frames of the roof are installed internally which gives the roof it’s support. This is bonded, tech screwed and bolted into place. Following this, we install all side supports which are also bonded and tech screwed into place. We mark and drill all points for the rear hinges and front struts, priming all the holes as we go. These will later be filled with poly glue to seal the holes that the fixing screws will go through,

Then, it’s the exciting part – we will lift your new pop top roof up onto the van with the canvas attached to the roof. Then we’ll lower and bolt the hinges on the rear of the vehicle and attach the gas struts to the front of the roof. It’s important at this stage to lower the roof to check it’s alignment before putting the locking screws in place on the hinges.

We then start attaching the canvas (sometimes we refer to this as canvassing) which is lowered from the roof with a J trim attached to secure the canvas to the vehicle. Tech screws are placed through the j trim and the canvas into vehicle before trimming off any excess canvas.

Our team will carpet line the bare metal framework that we’ve just installed using your chosen choice of carpet. The outside of the pop top canvas is sealed to the vehicle using poly glue which also acts an additional water sealant. A sharks fin is placed just above the windscreen (glued and sealed) to deflect wind and rain.

We will add your choice of pop top bed – either bifold or single hinged which is carpeted in your choice of colour. Using tech screws at the back of the bed, the bed is fixed to the side supports that we installed earlier at the and gas struts are fitted to lift the bed. We’ll rebuild the headlining in the front of the cab, refitting the A and B pillars. Lastly, we will install a sliding cover panel on rails at the front of the bed – this will be the access point into the roof when it’s up. When it’s down, it finishes the install reducing external road noise and completing the internal finish. Your van is then cleaned ready for a comprehensive handover and pop top roof demonstration.



The manufacturer, Skyline, offers a 5 year warranty from the date of fitting. This covers the Skyline Roof system for parts. Paintwork is covered for the first 18 months. The first 2 years of the warranty will cover parts and labour – the remaining 3 years will cover parts only. This is a return to base warranty, where Skyline will renew the defective part. This limited warranty covers any defects in material or workmanship under normal use during the warranty period of 5 years from completion and is non transferable. To obtain warranty service we require you to first contact Skyline directly where they will determine the problem and the most appropriate solution for you. The manufacturer’s warranty will not cover damage resulting from improper maintenance or use of the Skyline Roof system.


As with all of our services, Wild Earth Campers offers a 2 year installation guarantee.


Don’t yet have the workshop set up for technical pop top installation? 

We also offer trade fits to the industry – if you are interested, please contact us directly to discuss.

Pop Top Roofs

benefits of a Pop Top Roof

Extra Headroom

Stand up comfortably inside the vehicle.

It makes activities like cooking, changing clothes, and moving around much more convenient.


Create extra space only when needed.

Your van will be easier to manoeuvre, park, and store. A great alternative to a high top van.

Fresh Air & Sunlight

Allow fresh air and sunlight to enter the living space.

Benefit from an open-air experience by leaving the pop top roof raised.

Sleeping Capacity

Turn a 2 berth into a 4 berth quickly & easily

The raised roof area can also provide an additional sleeping area; particularly useful for families.

UK Manufacturer

UK Manufacture & Design

Using only UK sourced products, enabling shorter delivery times.

High Safety Standards

Fully tested & approved

Approved by TUV, the leading government body in vehicle safety.


Colour match your roof to your van or choose the popular gloss black finish.

Choose from a range of 28 canvas colours

Upgrades available

Extra options:

Scenic Canvas Opening
Aurora Upgrade
Bi-Fold Pop Top Bed
Memory Foam Mattress
Colour Coding